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Mythic Australia is a fun fantasy that explores the hidden magical world found in the Land Down-Under.  It’s an adventurous place filled with Drop Bears, Hoopsnakes, Nutters and hundreds of other mythical creatures.

Creatures of mythic Australia, hoop snamesk, nutters

Mythic Australia is a series of enchanted Aussie stories and artworks for both children and adults that still love to imagine. It’s a true-blue fiction sprinkled with some dinkum facts.

Enchanted Aussie stories.
Except the stuff that's made up.

The Mythic Australia universe is the creation of the husband and wife team, Ian & Sue Coate (inspired by their little nutter friend, Kip).

Mythic Australia creators.

Their series of books and products are primarily aimed at children but also written for adults to have a laugh.  This is to encourage families to read together and inspire them to go on adventurous outings to personally discover Australia’s spectacular landscapes, wildlife and flora.

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