Kip’s Story

How It All Began - Kip & Pip's Story

Kip and Pip Welcome

You may be wondering how a dashingly handsome nutter like me and a cute little squeak like Pip ended up writing and publishing books on their very own website. If you are, please watch the video of “How Mythic Australia Began.”

(And, by the way, there’s a hidden willie-wagtail in each of the pictures below the video – see if you can spot them.)   Mythic Australia Wille wagtail

See if you can spot the hidden willie-wagtail in each of the pictures below.   Mythic Australia Wille wagtail

Hi, I’m Kip Nutter and this is my good mate, Pip Squeak. We live in the gumtrees in one of the largest inner-city parks in the world – Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia.

It all started one fine day when Pip and I were chasing doodackies. We stumbled across an incredible human device lying in a garden.

Humans called it a mobile phone but it wasn’t very mobile for us.  It took us hours to drag it back to our gumtree house.

The phone had a password, but my mate, Pip managed to crack it.

Mythic Australia Kip and Pip Reward

As fun as this device was, we soon realised it wasn’t ours to keep.  We discovered who the phone belonged to and she even rewarded us when we returned it.

Pip and I really liked that phone, so we hatched a plan to own one. We would need human money. Fortunately, Kings Park was littered with lost coins from picnickers and joggers – we just had to find them.

But we weren’t the only mythics in the Kings Park that wanted the shiny coins.  Greedy bailups would often jump out and try to rob us of our treasure.

And there was the constant threat of being caught by prowling drop bears.  You certainly had to keep your wits about you living in the gumtrees.

Eventually, we saved enough money to buy our phone.  I mailed the order and then we waited.

What a happy day when our parcel was delivered.  Like all humans, we carefully read the manual and soon had our phone up and working.

It wasn’t long before Pip and I were surfing on the World Wide Web. We stayed up late watching movies and the silly things humans do on YouTube.

In the still of the night, when no humans were around, we would go down to a public power point and recharge our phone.

Mythic Australia Kip and Pip Insufficient Funds

Sadly, it came to an abrupt end when the internet stopped working.  Turns out phones have ongoing costs.  What was I to do?  We’d need more money than could be found lying around Kings Park.

Mythic Austrlia kip Story Writing Desk

I needed a job. It was then I decided to be a writer and publish my stories. I would write about my adventures traveling around Mythic Australia and the amazing mythics I’ve met. Story after story leapt off the page.

I found some clever humans to help me write, illustrate and publish my books.  They also helped to make a website and Facebook page to launch my enterprise.  Pip and I were the first mythics to have a business online.


So here I am writing stories about Mythic Australia to keep my internet on.

When you purchase a product on my website, you support a little Aussie business and help me and my human friends produce more fun Mythic Australia books and products.

Thank you so much for your support – you’re a fair-dinkum cobber.

Mythic Australia, Blue Mountains