Book Set

Trilogy Book Set

First Edition Book Set: $79.50
(Valued at $109.65)


Be quick to purchase this collectable “First Edition Book-set” as there are limited first edition copies of Book 1 & 2 and the Mini Mythic Manual.  Each book is hand signed by the author. Hopefully this book-set will be a nice literary investment in the future.

These books are proudly printed in Australia on the finest satin-paper using local Aussie businesses. And each book has a coloured insert.

You will receive all four ‘First Edition Books’ and three Lenticular 3D bookmarks all valued at $109.65 plus a belly band for just $79.50.

Thanks so much for your purchase – your support means a lot to us.  You are helping a little Aussie business to stay in business and allowing us to keep creating fun Aussie stories to inspire both kids and adults to have imaginative adventures in this amazing country.

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