Feedback and Reviews

We love receiving your emails and messages telling us how much you have enjoyed Mythic Australia. We particularly love those saying how Mythic Australia has inspired a family to go exploring this exciting country.

Below is a small sampling of the wonderful feedback we have received, plus some articles.

Beth from Victoria

Hi guys, my twins and I absolutely love your site and we have all your books. My son Henry is obsessed with your mini mythic manual, he has taken it everywhere with him for years now. He shows all of his friends at school and they now play games choosing different characters to be!


Heather, Library Officer from Dalyellup Primary School, WA

My order arrived today and to say I am pleasantly surprised is a total understatement.  Your artwork is amazing.  The books are amazing, the prints are amazing. I have already read the Drop Bear book to 3 classes.  I must admit I did not see the ending coming, bahahaha. Brilliant.  The year one class got it faster than the year 4s.

Linda from Brisbane

My son is really loving the books and he wanted me to share with you a mythic he has been busy creating… Thanks so much for inspiring kids like mine who don’t really enjoy reading & writing normally, it’s amazing that he now chooses to spend time quietly reading his books and creating new creatures. His grade 4 teacher at West Moreton Anglican College has some of your books & products and my son was instantly obsessed! 

Kathleen from WA

Our son received his books and he absolutely loves them. He already has had it read to him 3 times in one day. So needless to say, it’s been a hit.  I will definitely be passing on this great experience to all my family and friends.

Elizabeth, a teacher from WA

I work at Ellen Stirling Primary school in Ellenbrook. I bought the first book in your trilogy and thought it was absolutely wonderful, I have shown it to our librarian and she loves it as well. I think it would be magical for the kids to hear about all these adventures so close to home.

Claire from Middle Swan, WA

I have begun reading Land of Adventure to my class of Year 5’s. They are so enthralled and love the book. I was wondering if you ever visit schools to talk about the book?

 Titania from Vic

What a wonderful set of books you have created… I read the books in three nights and hated putting them down to go to bed (57 years old and still wanting to know what will happen next). Just wanted you to hear my thoughts on your great, amazing, clever, well thought out books. Thank you for gifting this wonderful piece of literature to the world.

 Dannii from SA

It was our daughter’s birthday yesterday and we managed to read ‘A Wonderful Day’ and ‘Drop Bear’ before bed and we loved them, the Drop Bear story actually made my husband and I both laugh.


My name is Raymond and I am 7 years old. My Granny just brought me all your books and I absolutely love them. I have finished two books so far. I read them every night. I can’t wait for you to write some more as they are amazing. I love the Willie wag tail on the bottom of the pages… I love your books.


Just a quick “fan” email. Our children, especially our 6-year-old son is a huge fan of this series. This year for book week he chose to go as the King of the Majestics. Thank you for making such an exciting, imaginative book. The kid’s school are going to order a copy for their library. 

Jasmine from WA

My son received the first book of the Mythic Australia Trilogy as a gift and we are hooked!!! We’ve just finished and can’t wait to read the second. He had his first book week recently. He chose to go as ‘The Wicked – Vanguard of the Shadows’! I tried to guide him towards the light and to dress up as Kip Nutter or Pip instead, but alas he could not be persuaded!

Drop Bear, Evergreen, Wicked, Rainbow Dragon, Nutter

Kirsty from Mitchelton, Qld

Thank you for book three.  My son has book one and two and has finished reading them for the 10th time! He loves them. 

 Steven from Perth, WA

We bought a few books to send back to Ireland and New Zealand for nieces and nephews. We will definitely be back again to get some more to send to our families.  

Bernadette, teacher

Hi there, I am reading your wonderful books to my Year Three class. They love the characters and their adventures. This week they have created their own characters and thought about where in Australia they live, state, climate, etc. Your books fit perfectly into our Geography topics but even if they didn’t we would still read them for the pure joy we get from them. We are very excited to read more. Could you please advise us of what might be coming. Thank you.

Students drawings.

Pam from Victoria

LOVE your mythics collections. Reminds me a little of May Gibbs Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie, re-invented for the modern times!

Faye from Qld

I have put some of the books away for Christmas to give to our little granddaughter, another for when she starts school next year and one for her to have now.  I couldn’t help myself … I read them all that afternoon and had a great laugh! We are 82 and 79 having as much fun as our grandchildren. Well done!

 Christine from Victoria

Already your creativity has brought laughter and fun into a house. Grandkids, who live with us, aged 9(boy) and 13 (girl) are thoroughly enraptured. Our daughter, studying teaching, is pouring over the books, already hijacking them as a future resource. Laughing at what her American friends will make of the stories and images. I will be recommending to many people to get these.

Rival to Potter

Megan from Melbourne,

…I received and devoured the book on the same day! I can’t wait for the extended mythic manual to come out! And everything else. I’ve gotten my housemate into mythics too.  She’s reading ‘Land of Adventure’ at the moment.

 Julie from Scotland

I just wanted to let you know the children I childmind (in Edinburgh Scotland) absolutely love your creatures are very excited and are now creating their own creatures. Thanks so much it’s a great book!

 Erin from USA

My rugby team was on tour in Savannah, GA and our costume theme for going out Saturday night was “Mythical Creatures”. I went as a Drop Bear. The handful of people I saw that had been to, or were from Australia, knew immediately what I was (and all laughed and loved it). But, I knew most would need more explanation so I carried the book around and gave it out as an illustrated, educational booklet. Everyone loved it…and learned alot!

Fans dress up as Drop bears

Susan from Wollongong, NSW

I have bought your kid’s books and have some of your Mythic posters up in my office at Wollongong Army Cadets. Can’t wait to get this lot. 

Michael from Qld

I would like to tell you how delighted I was to come across Mythic Australia, to me it reawakens the spirit of May Gibbs in entertaining our children… We need to encourage them to get out and look at the treasurers of this sometimes harsh but beautiful country that we are fortunate to call home, I believe that the use of your material in the schools will be a great incentive to do this.

Peter from NSW

…Thanks, Mythic Australia, you have made my imagination run wild. I’ll defiantly be buying more books as they come out. You have me hooked.

Brett from Brisbane

…I opened my Mythic Australia package in the post office and showed it to the lady there. She made a note of your page and said, what a good gift to send to relative in UK.

James from Ohio, USA

I received the two first editions of Mythic Australia… I am a fan and I hope my grandchildren will become fans as well.

Rotary E-Club

Allan from Queensland

I found ‘Mythic Australia, Land of Adventure’ to be a fantastic read. I absolutely loved it as it was also very informative as well as being entertaining. I look forward to reading this book to my two grandchildren.

Dan from NSW

My kids absolutely LOVED the storybooks.  We spent ages going through the book, and the kids had a race to see who could find the Willie Wagtail on each page! Absolutely brilliant! Can’t thank you both enough! Keep up the awesome work. Can’t wait to add further to my Mythic collection.

Lesley from SA

Our books arrived today, absolutely stoked. Wonderfully written, I was transported to Kip’s world by the second page. Thank you so much. By the way I am 75, very avid reader.

Trev from Perth

Mesmerising – couldn’t break away…. What an incredible thing you have created. SO special. So good for Australia! Go Mythic!


…Awesome adventure stories to read to the kids before bed.

Isaac from Costa Rica

The most complete and incredible site… what else could I say after being speechless for such creativity?

Kristel from Sydney

I absolutely loved your site, I wanted to see more! I love the way you’ve worked Aussie slang into your creatures.

Nick from Ballarat

I’m 19 living in Ballarat and I’ve always been interested in mythology (especially Greek mythology). Mythic Australia has really inspired me to get more creative.

Steve from Canberra

I really think you are on to something that 5 to 10 year olds will particularly relate too (some good hidden jokes for adults in there too) – may also create a new interest in the Australian bush for our youngsters. I showed this web site to a colleague – who works in ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands, she was very interested in how the ideas could be used for education of kids about the bush.

Creating a Nutter-Branch

Christine from WA

Last year we gave out some of your free colouring pages and the local kids loved them. As we are non for profit group coming across your website and finding your lovely pages was really great and I just wanted to let you guys know how fantastic everyone in my little town loved them and they all wanted to know more of Mythic Australia.

Tammy from SA

I’ve read and loved the Land of Adventure book. Well written, easy to read with lovely illustrations. I might just let the kids read it now. Ha ha. I can’t wait for the remaining books. Every household should have a copy.

 Angela from Perth

I teach 2-4 year olds. I read the Drop Bear book to my class and they were utterly enthralled. I have read it so many times at their request that I never want to read it again. I put on a funny voice for the drop bear and now they do too. We have made our own drop bear with warning sign and glued it to a branch. The drop bear has fallen from his branch on a few occasions – with loads of screams from the children. The kids have decided the outdoor rest area is now the drop bear’s den.

Jenny from the Gold Coast

I work on Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast… We just stumbled across your web site and love your drop bear page!  I laughed out loud for quite some time.

Sandra from Traralgon, Vic

If you want your kids to go on an adventure through reading, then these books are for you.

Debbie from WA

I highly recommend Mythic Australia. Easy to read stories. Beautiful illustrations. Places and creatures we can identify with mixed with the wonderment of a mythical world right at our doorstep. If this doesn’t get your kiddies away from a screen, I don’t know what will.

Leonie from NSW

Bought LAND OF ADVENTURE for grandson – looked at first couple of pages and couldn’t stop reading – loved it – good work team from a happy Nana.

Mary from Adelaide, SA

Love all these books so do the grand children.


My kids are obsessed with your Mini Mythic Manual… thanks so much!

Swan Settler Markets

Christine from Qld

Wow I just love your work. I have only just discovered your Facebook page. I don’t have children in my life but I will be purchasing some books just for me… Congratulations on your success and amazing work.

Meryl from the UK

A very big thank you from the UK, my parcel has arrived. I think there are a few companies in the UK that could take lessons from you on how to treat customers. I’ve been like an excited kid waiting to get my hands on book 3.

Svetlana from WA

…our exchange student fell in love with your book and everything Australian. I think Mythic Australia will be a hit in Japan.

Chris from Brigadoon, WA

My wife handed me one of your books which she had purchased for my grandson. After page 1, I was hooked and spent the next hour absorbing everything therein…

James from WA

My 11-year-old son saw your business card and said that his class is reading one of your books at his school and all of the students love it! He was really impressed that I had met you.

Leonie from Victoria

I’m speechless!!!!  Got the books yesterday and am completely blown away….they are beautiful  and your printer does a magnificent job and you managed to reduce an older lady (refraining from saying old lady) to tears .

Ian and Sue Coate