Mythic Battle Card Game

A FREE Card Game to download and print.
It’s so fun, kids won’t realise they are practising their maths skills.


All you need to play is to print out our FREE cards, a six sided dice, and two or more people.

It’s so easy to get started:

Click HERE to download your very own MYTHIC BATTLE Card Game (25 page Printable PDF)

To keep the kids occupied, get them to colour their favourite Mythic Creatures.

Lastly, cut out the cards, grab a six sided dice, plus a friend and you’re ready to play.

The rules to MYTHIC BATTLE are simple.

Here are the 5 easy steps

Step 1.

Shuffle deck and spread cards upside-down on table or floor.

Step 2.

Each player picks up 2 CREATURE CARDS for battle. (For advanced games try 3 or more.) All players see each other’s cards.

Step 3.

Roll the dice and discover in which category you will battle for the round:

Step 4.

Add together the category of your 2 MYTHIC CREATURES and the player with the highest number wins.

Step 5.

Play till cards run out and the player who has won the most matches wins the ultimate MYTHIC BATTLE.


There are eight BONUS CARDS in the deck which can be used in any round.  However, BONUS CARDS must be put forward before the die is rolled.   A BONUS CARD can only be used once per match.

We hope you enjoy playing MYTHIC BATTLE.

In the future, we plan to create a fully coloured set that you can buy from our website: