Free Mythic Book Resources

We have created a range of free printable worksheets, reading comprehensions, chapter summaries/ questions and many fun activities based on our “Mythic Australia” books that can be done in the classroom or at home.

These ‘Mythic Australia Worksheets’ are FREE to download and print – feel free to print out as many as you want.

Free "Drop Bear Book" Resources

Drop Bear Book
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Drop Bear Quiz
Drop Bear Book Quiz
Drop Bear Colour-in
Drop Bear Colour-in
Drop Bear Word Fill
Drop Bear Word Fill
Drop Bear Colouring
Drop Bear Colour-in
Drop Bear Hat Match
Drop Bear Maze
Art Mirror Drop Bear
Drop Bear Mirror Drawing

Free "Land of Adventure Book" Resources

Land of Adventure Book
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Mates forever Colour-in
Character sheets
Nutter Characteristics
While they were gone
Land of Adventure
Letter to Tattle
Identify the Character
Get Home Safe Maze
Map of Australia

Free "Mini Mythic Manual Book" Resources

Mini Mythic Manual
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Australian Nutters
Australian Squeaks
Australian Bugalugs
Australian Dragons
Dangerous Australian Mythics
Australian Skedaddle
Under Sea Pearl Hunt
Mythic Battle Cards

A Teacher’s Praise for the DROP BEAR Book

Drop bear book

‘I teach 2-4 year olds. I read the Drop Bear book to my class and they were utterly enthralled. I have read it so many times at their request that I never want to read it again. I put on a funny voice for the drop bear and now they do too.

We have made our own drop bear with a warning sign and glued it to a branch. The drop bear has fallen from his branch on a few occasions – with loads of screams from the children. The kids have decided the outdoor rest area is now the drop bear’s den.’  Angela

Mythic Australia, Twelve Apostles