Activity Sheets

Mythic Australia Elishah Coate Kip and Pip

We want to create a range of resources that are Aussie themed to help develop a greater interest in Australia not only for Aussie kids but children around the world.

These ‘Mythic Australian Activity Sheets’ are FREE to download and print – feel free to print out as many as you want.

Aussie Educational

Aussie Quiz
Aussie Facts Quiz 1
Aussie Quiz
Aussie Facts Quiz 2
Aussie Slang quiz
Aussie Rhyming Slang
Map of Australia
Colour in Carkit
Maths Odd Even
Time to Get Up
Bubble Butt Maths
Mythic Maths Colouring
Maths Number Match
Picture Number Match
Picture Number Match
Picture Number Match
Mythic Patters
Aussie Facts Quiz 1
Odd and Even Mythic Numbers
Aussie Facts Quiz 1

Art Activities

Rainbow Dragon Grid
Mirror Drawing
Skedaddle Grid
Draw a Wallaby
Bubble But
Draw a Bubble Butt
Ocean Angel
Draw a Ocean Angel
Art Mirror Drop Bear
Mirror Grid Drop Bear
Art Mirror Nutter
Mirror Grid Bush Nutter
Drawing a Monster Face
Draw a Monster Face


Aussie Birds
Aussie Animals
free resources
Aussie Cities
Australia Sea Creatures
Explore the Sea
Get Home Safe
Avoid the Drop Bear
Under Sea Pearl Hunt
Mythic Mail Maze
Mythic Ranger
Mythic Ranger Spot the difference
Australian Swagman
Swagman Spot the difference

Fun Educational Card Game

Mythic Australia, Cradle Mountains