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Drop Bear - ebook

  • If you haven’t heard about Australia’s drop bear, this book is a must read before you and your kids venture into the Aussie bush.

Mini Mythic Manual

  • Mini Mythic Manual Explore the Mini Mythic Manual – a colourful guide to 100 of Australia’s magical creatures. 112 pages filled with creature statistics and brightly coloured illustrations.

Land of Adventure Ian Coate

  • Mythic Australia Book 1 - Land of Adventure LAND OF ADVENTURE is a 200 page novel with a detailed illustration on each page. This book introduces Mythic Australia through the eyes of Kip Nutter as he tours around Australia on a gripping adventure. Join Kip as he explores the magical worlds hidden in places like; Kings Park, Wave Rock, the Nullarbor Plains, the Great Australian Bight and the Victoria Desert.